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Sociologist Scott Myers hits the nail on the head here, I think: “Religious homogamy is a couple-based trait that optimizes marital companionship by reducing the need for a spouse to search for similar views outside the marriage.” Again, although we don’t have any real data to go on, this should hold true for homogamous atheist couples, too.And that’s why I’m not Even without religion, the most compatible couples will inevitably butt heads over everyday things like raising children, the division of household labor, major financial decisions, and work responsibilities.(I tell you this as , the watered-down Jew sired by a lapsed Lutheran.) But times are changing.And the above trend works for those on the depleted end of the religious belief scale, too.Try as I might, I can’t seem to cuckold my partner, Juan.

After all, my faithful, imaginary wife would then be operating under the assumption that cheating on me would not only hurt her family if the affair ever came to light, but would result in eternal damnation or perhaps an unhappy plague of this-worldly misfortunes even if it didn't. I'm a pragmatist, so what she believes to be true is all that matters.

On the one hand, I’d no doubt be irritated by my very religious wife’s supernatural beliefs.

On the other hand, the very fact that she believes strongly in some divinely imposed morality should influence her behavior behind my back.

There are more things to a person—and to a relationship, one hopes—than religious beliefs.

But since atheistic bachelors and bachelorettes are very rare specimens (there are no exact statistics available, but just 1.6 percent of the U. population self-identifies as “atheist”), deciding just how important it is to find a godless mate is indeed a real issue.

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