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but ascribing a 52-week share price low to user rumbles about Backup Exec 2012 seems a bit of a stretch to El Reg.

Quorum has "seen first-hand the customer frustration over Backup Exec 2012 [and are] now offering Backup Exec 2012 customers an opportunity to trade in their Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Solution and even buy those customers out of their current contract with Symantec." What does Symantec say?

Here are just a few of the 228 comments on the forum: You get the idea... Symantec staffer Daniel Bickford wrote in the forum that it was his job to listen to the feedback, adding: "Thanks for the feedback, it's exciting to see the passion around BE!

" IT Chap replied: Symantec, you mistake passion for anger.

because most of your users LIKE the job centric focus....which is why we've all used Backup Exec for so long. For the love of all that's holy, PLEASE put in the option of being able to see a "jobs view" like all the previous versions were based on.

You can still have all this other stuff, but just add a "jobs view".

When my Thursday backup hit midnight the backup was stopped and it alerted me to failed status.

How could anyone possibly think this was a good idea?

3)And for the record....getting away from a job centric focus into a server centric is moronic.....why?

Data security biz Veritas says that some users are unable to log on to its Backup Exec console" after installing the November or December Windows 2016 updates. The logon error message, shown below, reads: “Backup Exec Management Service was unable to start.

Connection open and login was successful, but then an error occurred while enabling MARS for this connection.

The installation created random backup jobs of entire servers, I can't find any way yet to delete them, only put them on start dates 10 years from now :( Removal of the Job Monitor was the single dumbest thing you did, though no doubt you feel very clever about it.

It was succinct, allowed a single glance view of both running status and history, and now this info is spread all over the place.

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