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In 1828, martial law was declared against Aborigines in settled areas after Van Diemen's Land Company shepherds killed 30 Aborigines at Cape Grim and regular mail services with Sydney began. The following year a jail for women convicts ("female factory") opened at Cascades, "Protector" George Augustus Robinson starts an Aboriginal mission at Bruny Island, convicts seized the brig Cyprus at Recherche Bay and sail to China, Van Diemen's Land Scientific Society formed under patronage of Lieutenant-Governor George Arthur and a Hobart-New Norfolk coach service began.

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The first settlement was by the British at Risdon Cove on the eastern bank of the Derwent estuary in 1803, by a small party sent from Sydney, under Lt. The latter settlement became known as Hobart Town, later shortened to Hobart, after the British Colonial Secretary of the time, Lord Hobart. The early settlers were mostly convicts and their military guards, with the task of developing agriculture and other industries.

Numerous other convict settlements were made in Van Diemens Land, including secondary prisons, such as the particularly harsh penal colonies at Port Arthur in the south-east and Macquarie Harbour on the West Coast.

Tasmania was inhabited by an indigenous population, the Tasmanian Aborigines, and evidence indicates their presence in the territory, later to become an island, at least 35,000 years ago.

At the time of the British occupation and colonisation in 1803 the indigenous population was estimated at between 3000 and 10,000.

Settler John Batman, later one of Melbourne's founders, helped capture bushranger Matthew Brady near Launceston.

A proclamation made in 1828 by Lieutenant-Governor George Arthur excluded Aborigines from settled areas and was the year of the Cape Grim massacre.Please Note: Given name, surname and a defined search period must be specified prior to any search being undertaken.Issue searches (where an applicant is trying to identify any child/ren born to an individual) cannot be conducted by Registry staff, as only a limited number of records have been computerised.The history of Tasmania begins at the end of the most recent ice age (approximately 10,000 years ago) when it is believed that the island was joined to the Australian mainland.While not much is known about the history of Tasmania for most of the time that it has been part of Australia, upon British colonization in the 19th century, a rich history began to unfold.

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