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The benefit is reduced when you are younger, because you are far less of a risk to insure.So the people who should really consider using this backing dating strategy to save age in life insurance are usually over 40.That being said, if you had a birthday four to five months ago, you need to apply right now for coverage.

If you have to pay premiums for age 61 you will shell out 00.12 in three years.If you are thinking about reapplying for life insurance because you have a health condition that you expect to improve or because you are going to quit smoking this is also probably not the best bet for you.You won’t be holding the policy long enough to break even.I know you are not 65 yet, but for insurance purposes, you actually turned 65 on (information redacted for privacy reasons), since Banner Life uses nearest age rather than actual age.To avoid paying a higher, 65 year old rate, This client happened to have liquid funds and took advantage of backdating his policy.

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