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This workhouse is however inconveniently situated at one extremity of this long Union, and is fourteen miles distant from some of the parishes... Only the aged and infirm are sent to the latter, where the average weekly cost of each inmate, for food and clothing, is 2s 11.; but at Buxton it is 2s. In 1848-9, a new workhouse for up to 600 inmates was built at Aylsham, situated to the west of the town.

I propose that the Oulton house should be employed for the reception - 1 - of Ablebodied men, and - 2 - of Ablebodied women... The Aylsham workhouse is fitted for the reception of Aged men, Aged women and Idiots. It cost approximately £7,500 and was designed by William J Donthorn who was the architect of other Norfolk workhouses at Downham, Erpingham, Freebridge Lynn, and Swaffham.

The venue was well be-decked, lighting diction and use of the background graphic screen excellent and well thought out.

Ute Schwarting on piano and David Bennett on drums complemented proceedings perfectly.

Erpingham joined the union in 1806, Coleby in 1811, and Itteringham and Banningham in 1832, when the workhouse was enlarged at a cost of around £300 to hold up to 80 paupers. In 1801, the Buxton Gilbert Union of three parishes was set up.

In 1806, because of certain restrictions in the Gilbert Act, a Buxton Incorporation of nine parishes (Brampton, Burgh St Mary, Buxton, Hevingham, Marsham, Oxnead, Skeyton, Stratton-Strawless, and Swanton-Abbot) was formed under a local act.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] A parliamentary report of 1777 recorded Aylsham as having a workhouse for up to 80 inmates.

REVIEW: Old Time Music Hall, Salisbury Studio Theatre THE perfect antidote to chase away wind and rain, the Salisbury Studio Theatre performed a traditional Old Time Music Hall, complete with obligatory sing a long, melodrama, sauciness and Michael Bowyer overcoming a severe sore throat to keep shenanigans going.

Rowena Greenaway directs with confidence of the genre allowing a variety of party pieces to be put on display.

Parts of the South East will also start to see wintry showers.

Steven Keates, of the Met Office, said: "On Thursday the showers spread further south and east, putting most places at risk of showers.

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